“Teri Werner has created a wonderful book full of insights, vulnerability, and actionable items for anyone looking to turn their “Train Wreck to Triumph”!  If you will take the time to write in the Journal prompts provided for you, it will change your life.  Just the section on forgiveness and what is my story truly helped me reconsider personal and professional matters that I had not before.  Teri is a master communicator and gives so many gems in this book.  It will lead you to higher ground and greater triumph.”

Jason Hewlett

Author of “The Promise To The One”
Speaker Hall of Fame * Author * Leadership Expert

 “Teri Werner is a remarkable woman, colleague, friend and business associate. Her book “Train Wreck to Triumph” is an inspirational book, coaching journal, and personal development program, accelerating life-changing breakthroughs relevant to audiences from churches to conference rooms.  You need to hear her and integrate the principles she shares in this book; it will change your life and business!”

Denis Waitley Ph.D

High-Level Performance and Author of “The Psychology of Winning” * “The Seeds of Greatness”

Train Wreck to Triumph is an inspirational book and coaching journal filled with resiliency building and methods for a better life. When life feels like a train wreck, healing through faith in God and integration of Teri’s proven spiritual principles will support you in living a life of Triumph, the outcome of resilience.

Dr. Hector H. Rivera

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology Texas A&M University

Teri Werner’s book, ‘Train Wreck to Triumph…coaching journal’ turns derailment into destiny; and should be required reading for anyone on a path to greater truth and prosperity. When you Follow Teri’s heart-centered example, you will be well on your way to a life bursting with new levels of love, passion, and possibility.

Fran Harris

MSTC Business Turn Around Specialists Author of “Bullyproof My Company”

Teri is an amazing woman of integrity, to know her is to love her, she will always shoot you straight. Her passion to share her journey and apply principles of Leadership has proven to be valuable to us personally and professionally and to those we lead.   I am excited to share this book. It will jolt those who have experienced something so painful that they just cannot move forward to their God-given and purpose!

Holly Derr Parrish

High Performance Entrepreneurial Leader

Teri Werner is one of those special people who has learned to bounce back after life knocks them down. Read “Train Wreck to Triumph”. You will see it is evident that bad situations can lead us to a deeper understanding of our destiny.

Ruben Gonzalez

4x Olympian * The Luge Man * Olympic Motivational Speaker

I have heard thousands of professional speakers and coaches with awesome stories and brilliant speaking styles. I can tell you honestly that Teri Werner is right at the top of my list.

 Her personal story of success over obstacles is spine-tingling. Book her to speak, coach you, train you in sales, in business and life strategies, and how to achieve success. Buy her books and begin with the how-to-steps in her book with coaching journal “Train Wreck to Triumph” …and turn your derailments into your destiny.

Learn from her as I did. She is outstanding!

Gerry Robert

Leadership Specialist * Keynote Speaker * Author of “The Millionaire Mindset”

I have been a student of personal growth for decades, and Teri Werner has hit an absolute Home Run with her new book “Train Wreck to Triumph”. This book is an absolute blueprint on how to dig yourself out of adversity!  This is a must-read!

Robert Griffin

High-Performance Specialist and Public Speaker

Teri trained in a way that created such a great sense of trust and engagement that I reached out to Teri for Coaching and the shift I desired happened, evidenced in the fact that my revenues quadrupled in the next 10 months! After reading her book “Train Wreck to Triumph”, I understood the core of her success.

Dawn Christian

High-Performance Leader

Teri’s work, both her coaching and her book “Train Wreck to Triumph” are truly healing and created a dynamic progressive combination! I have found immense value in the journaling process that she prompts in the book, as well as the scripture references and brain science. I am gaining self-awareness through this process limiting triggers and developing a greater capacity for leadership.

Mandee Shaklee Upcapher

High-Performance Leader * Radio Personality and Podcast

From the minute I began reading Train Wreck to Triumph”, I could not put it down. I read the entire book in one day! Amazing is the best word to describe my experience!

Teri Werner shows her heart and skill for coaching, training, and changing lives – which I have personally experienced. From engaging me with her healing insights, coaching, and journaling process; I felt she was right there with me. If this resonates with your desire for wholeness. If you are searching for the answers to questions, you have not had the courage to ask, I believe this book and Teri’s group coaching programs will support you in creating your own triumph.

Tresa Todd Lugten

Founder of the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network

“Train Wreck to Triumph” is a step-by-step journey of acknowledgment and action. This book guides you through soul searching and supports you in a practical and powerful process of “climbing out of the wreck of your life” and “standing tall in triumph”!

Jeri Taylor Swade

High-Performance Leader * Entrepreneurial Professional